The Prospect Foundation


    • Name
      Chairman Tan Sun Chen
    • Education
      Ph.D. in Earth and Atmospheric Science, Purdue University
    • Experience


      ◆    2、5、8thLegislator, Legislative Yuan
      ◆    12、13thMagistrate, Tainan County
      ◆    Minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
      ◆    Vice Chairman, Taiwan Foundation for Democracy
      ◆    Chairman, International Cooperation and Development Fund
      ◆    Secretary General, The Office of the President
      ◆    Secretary General, National Security Council

      Current: Chairman, Prospect Foundation

    • Name
      President I-Chung Lai
    • Education
      Ph.D. from Virginia Tech-Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
    • Experience

      ◆    Visiting Researcher, Cornell University
      ◆    Executive Director, Mission in the United States, Democratic Progressive Party(DPP)
      ◆    Special Assistant, Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in Tokyo
      ◆    Director General, Department of China Affairs, Democratic Progressive Party(DPP)
      ◆    Director General, Department of International Affairs, Democratic Progressive Party(DPP)
      ◆    Vice President, Taiwan Thinktank

      Current: President, Prospect Foundation

    • Name
      Vice President Raymond Chen-En SUNG
    • Education
      DPhil Candidate, Oxford University
    • Experience

      ◆   Deputy CEO, Taiwan New Constitution Foundation 
      ◆   Director, Taiwan Democracy Watch
      ◆   Adjunct Legal Adviser, Overseas Fisheries Development Council, ROC(OFDC)

      Current: Vice President, Prospect Foundation